….You can call me Shelbs.

Tall blonde with a slightly shorter attention span // Yet another basic, who thinks you care about her opinion in written form.

Fresh from a year studying in England and a semester living and working in New York City. Currently based in Northwest Arkansas, soaking up all the South has to offer.


The Motive:

Veni.Vidi. Amavi.


{I came}

Laugh with me (or at me) as I document my junior year abroad as an exchange student at the University of Sussex, Brighton, and travels thereafter.


{I saw}

Tag along, through photos and videos of my travels and experiences.


{I loved}

As a global community, we are interconnected. Learn more about national and international volunteer opportunities, as I highlight various service projects and philanthropic causes within my travels.


One thought on “About

  1. Tammy Wels says:

    Hey sweet girl,
    Have a wonderful time traveling!!! I can’t wait to see pictures, and hear your stories!!! Be safe and enjoy being young!!!
    Tammy Wells


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